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We got featured on Snaxshot's social media and newsletter. This recognition is a dream come true for me personally, as Snaxshot is one of my favorite food and beverage platforms. We're grateful for their support and appreciate the exposure it brings to our brand.

 Forbes - Mauby: No Longer The Caribbean’s Bitter Sweet Secret

While googling mauby bark, we came across this amazing article that explains that origin, cultural significance, and evolution / future of this ancestral ingredient, mauby bark. To our surprise, we were mentioned and quoted:

"One of the more popular takes on the beverage on the US market is bayjoo, made by Dominican Republic-[raised], and Brooklyn-based Ana Bautista.

“Being born in NYC and raised in the Dominican Republic by a Dominican father and a Dominican-Chinese mother, I felt the need to implement more cultures into each bottle,” says Bautista.

“We include organic ingredients from all over the world: our main superstar— mauby bark from the Caribbean. We also use black tea, lavender and spearmint, and the list goes on. I decided to make my own version of mabí, a remix, if you want to call it that. We put all this goodness together in the first sugar-free, canned alternative mabí.