Meet The Founder

Get ready to raise a glass (or a can!) of Bayjoo® – the drink that's been a labor of love, trial and error, and lots of tasty experiments!

Inspired by the traditional mabí drink that's been loved and enjoyed across the Caribbean for generations, Bayjoo® is here to share the health benefits and cultural richness of this delicious drink with the world.

Growing up in the DR, our founder has fond memories of sipping on mabí under the shade of a mango tree on a typical hot Sunday afternoon. But when she moved to NYC, she couldn't find that same taste and feeling – so she decided to make her own version!

Now, after dozens of recipe tests, research, and conversations, Bayjoo® is the first alternative, sugar-free mauby drink that's packed with natural ingredients to make your body and spirit feel good.

And if you're wondering what makes Bayjoo® so special, well, it's all about the unique blend of organic herbs, spices, and natural sweeteners that our founder carefully crafted to bring together the flavors of her Dominican and Chinese heritage.

So join us on this delicious journey and raise a can of Bayjoo® to your health – and to discovering all the wonderful flavors and benefits of this amazing beverage.

Cheers to good vibes and good health!

Founder + CEO